Cody Robb

Cody Robb

Market & Development Analyst

Cody’s knowledge was earned while doing his own residential and commercial projects and where it became important to understand the planning scheme.  Cody’s market expertise was soon recognized by other developers who sought his advice for their own projects.  Advice soon became a full time business.  Cody brought to market and negotiated development approvals for property for both Australian based and overseas developers.  The scope of the projects ranged from modest townhouse developments to integrated medical centres to apartment developments up fourteen storeys.

Cody can often be heard telling clients the best development to do is the one council wants you to do that is economically viable.  What is not heard but deeply embedded in those words is property development is not about building, it is about risk management.

He developed the Urban Community model from investor demands for low risk opportunities in response to the aptly named Global Financial Crisis where exposure to debt bankrupted many developers and stopped or stalled many more developments for many years.  The Urban Community Fully Funded Investment Deed is the end result of risk management.

Cody co-founded The Urban Community Group in 2009.  The Urban Community Group is a  Private  Property  Development  Management  Business  with  partners  both  internationally  and  in Australia.  Our operating Deed provides security and manages risk for our partners and allows them to acquire newly developed property at below market prices.

Cody continues to generate opportunity for Urban Community investors.

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